Greetings Adventurers…

I hope this finds you well, and experiencing the glory and excitement of adventuring. Unfortunately, I am write for grave reasons. It has been some time since Douven, and I have seen you all. In that time, Douven, the man who trained you for a life of adventure bade myself and our daughter farewell three months ago and headed for Winterhaven. Douven, as you know, was a rabid explorer of old ruins. He had some how aquired a map that revealed the location of a dragon’s tomb not far from the village. You are all aware of his fascination with dragon lairs, and he figured if a dragon was buried there, why not also its hoard?

By now, he should have returned. His continuing absence concerns me. I am hoping that the dragons death was not a myth and he walked into a trap. When you all left our house Douven knew you were all destined for greatness, and told me many times that hoards of people would be saved by your heroic efforts. I am not asking for hoards of people, just one man, your mentor and my husband. I beg of you to look into this matter. Please messenge me with your decision.


Lornyes Staul


Raven's Wizard refereescott